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Welcome to The  French Riviera

Nice Holyday is the concierge service you deserve!  

Specialist in seasonal rentals on the French Riviera, entrust us with the keys in complete peace of mind! 

Who are we ? 

"Get away from it all, get closer  a bit of the essential

Nice Holyday is a concierge service created by Damien&Coralie, a young passionate couple from Nice  through travel and through their profession, real estate.

It was after a long adventure abroad to discover the world, having stayed in more than 100 different accommodations, that they decided to launch their own concierge service dedicated to seasonal rentals.  

Drawing on their personal and professional experience, they now offer you the concierge service you deserve and ensure the best welcome for your future travellers.

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We consider  our customers as guests, at a party where we are the hosts.  It's our job  improve their experience a little more every day"

The satisfaction of our customers being at the center of our concerns, we are proud to introduce you to the customers who have benefited from our services in the past. Discover below the clients we have worked with, and contact us if you have any questions  !

Create your ad

Creation of your ad with the enhancement of your property thanks to a professional photographer.  We support you in all the administrative procedures relating to short-term rental.

Managing your ad

We ensure all exchanges with travelers, updating the calendar as well as prices according to the season.

Check in

We welcome travelers by giving them a presentation of the places and specific indications of your accommodation. We give them, when they hand over the keys, the “My Nice Holidays” guide listing the essentials of our beautiful region as well as a basket with the flavors of our region.

Check out

We ensure the inventory at the time of the recovery of the keys and collect the opinion of travelers using a satisfaction survey.

Maid service

Quality cleaning is our priority!

Laundry service

We take care of the cleaning of household linen as well as  the refitting of the necessary bath and bedding.

Premium Service

Do your travelers want to book a car, a boat, organize a jet ski trip or even other madness? We respond to any request.

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"I met Damien&Coralie as part of the purchase of my rental investment apartment which I wanted to entrust for short-term rental, so I entrusted my apartment to Nice Holyday.
Today I enjoy all the advantages of renting  season without the inconveniences, I quickly became a super-host on the airbnb platform because travelers are won over by the service and services available to them. 
Nice holyday it's really the concierge service I was waiting for! "

Arnaud Delance

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Damien & Coralie

Nice, France

Thank you for what you sent !

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